Henry VIII and his six wives


Henry VIII nails

Henry VIII nails 2

I don’t know how well-known this is to non-Brits (if you’re from the UK you will definitely cover the Tudors at least twice at school!) but Henry VIII was a 16th-century English King who famously married six times. The wives are depicted on my nails in the order he married them: Catherine of Aragon (divorced: hence the break from Rome and the creation of the Church of England); Anne Boleyn (beheaded: for adultery did she do it, who knows); Jane Seymour (died: after giving birth to a son who became Edward VI); Anne of Cleves (divorced: for looking like a horse, bad times for Thomas Cromwell); Catherine Howard (beheaded: she was Anne Boleyn’s cousin as well); Catherine Parr (survived! Good one). If you like the Tudors you MUST READ Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies because they are THE BEST.

[This post was originally published on my Tumblr account on the date given at right: I imported it to WordPress in late November 2012, editing the text when I did so.]


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