Furry nails!

Flocked navy nails

Latest wheeze: FURRY NAILS! I think the official term is ‘flocked nails’ as this look is achieved using something called flocking powder, which you can easily find on eBay. I got a pack of 12 little pots in different colours for around £2. You have to paint your nail a base colour (as close to the fluff colour as you can find), then one by one paint a second coat, pour over the flocking powder and press it on. Brush off any loose bits and tip back into the pot (like when you put glitter on Christmas cards when you were little). Try one more round of fluff to cover it properly then move on to your next nail! These lasted two days before going significantly bald and they were pretty hilarious. My friends didn’t know what to make of them!

[This post was originally published on my Tumblr account on the date given at right: I imported it to WordPress in late November 2012]


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