I Want My Hat Back!

Today’s nails are based on what is probably the best picture book OF ALL TIME (maybe even the best book of all time), I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen.

I Want My Hat Back nail art

I decided to pay tribute to two of my favourite moments in the book: the bear despairs (right hand) and the climactic confrontation between the bear and the rabbit (left hand). I was tempted to include the bear’s moment of realisation (maybe the best best bit) but decided to save that for another time! I did the whole thing using nail varnish: the cream is a franken made out of (a very old, gloopy) Barry M White with a little bit of Nails Inc Diet Coke Caramel; the browns are Caramel again, plus Barry M Mushroom and Nails Inc Curzon Street; and the red is Miss Sporty #406.

If you haven’t heard of I Want My Hat Back: this is your lucky day. It’s a book about a bear who has lost his hat. Words cannot describe how much I love it. It makes me howl with laughter every time I read it. If you have children (or just an appreciation for beautiful, deadpan, minimalist artwork) I urge you to BUY IT NOW!! RIGHT NOW!

I Want My Hat Back cover art

I love illustration so you will often find me browsing the picture book section in my local bookshop: or even better, my local children’s bookshop. That’s where I saw this for the first time last year: I came back and visited on several occasions waiting for the paperback but in the end I caved and bought it in lovely hardback! It’s out in paperback now though and there’s also a sequel (of sorts): This Is Not My Hat. Maybe I’ll do some fish-related headwear nails some other day in tribute.

UPDATE: Jon Klassen approves my nails!!!!! BEST DAY EVER!

Jon Klassen tweet


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