I always enjoy it when November rolls around and the tube becomes full of twenty-something guys sporting wispy little growths on their top lips: you can spot a Movember from metres away. Done properly, a mo can look super-awesome: not everybody’s Michael Owen (who wowed me on Match of the Day this weekend) but I do love a bit of comedy facial hair. (Of course, in East London it’s less easy to be certain whether it’s a charitable effort or a serious style decision.)

Michael Owen with a moustache

If you’ve somehow missed out on this increasingly popular movement: Movember is all about raising awareness around male cancers through the powerful medium of facial hair. Click through to check out the site and maybe donate a little to the cause! Seeing as what I can’t grow a ‘mo myself (although I may have sported a fake one on occasion)

Me in fake moustache

this is my contribution to Movember. Rather than moustachioing all my nails I decided to play it relatively subtle and do the rest in a nice tweedy houndstooth pattern.

Movember manicure

The mustard is Nails Inc Hampstead Gardens (I’ve been looking for a good mustard for ages), the red is Essie Wicked, the beige is Nails Inc Great Pulteney Street and the black is Miss Sporty #080. Smart? I think so! And it even matches my new Primarni Christmas jumper!

[also: check out my last post for nail feedback FROM JON KLASSEN! eee!]


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