Topshop spots

I didn’t have much time to do my nails on Thursday night so decided just to try out two new Topshop polishes I acquired on eBay a week or so ago. I bought a job lot of six and a couple are a little bit guilt-inducingly similar to some I already have: but both of these are unique in my (rapidly expanding) stash.

topshopspotsThe base colour is Green Room and the black/silver glitter is Panther. I like both but I was particularly pleased with Panther. This is my first black glitter (although I have my eye on the black/white one in the new China Glaze Cirque du Soleil collection, yes please) and I really like the effect. I had remembered it black and gold (while I was planning my mani on the bus home) but I think the silver is still nice, especially with the turquoise underneath: the specks on the blue-green base remind me of actual turquoise as you find it in jewellery. It was also a nice glitter to work with: easy to get lots of glittery bits without fishing around, and it has a relatively smooth finish as well (though I have topcoat on in these pics).

Green Room was also pretty (and brighter in real life than it looks here) but very sheer, which is not everybody’s cup of tea: it took me four coats to get it properly opaque. That might make it a good candidate for a jelly sandwich though; I can imagine these two polishes working well in that kind of mani. Here I’ve got two coats of Panther over the four of Green room: you could layer the same number of coats differently and have a similar effect with a bit more depth to it.

One more bonus picture before I finish:


This is after a couple of days so there’s a little bit of tip wear, but Green Room is holding up well (must be all of those layers!). Next time I’ll try and have something more elaborate for you!


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