Silver studs

I used to be very anti-sticking things to my nails (like gems, bows, studs etc) but I guess having elaborate nail art every day for (over) a year has finally worn me down. Along with the foils and fur that I’ve already employed, I picked up a little pack of teeny tiny studs/beads from Born Pretty Store and this is the first mani I used them in.

silver studded nail artThe studs came in a little wheel of lots of different colours but I decided to keep it classy for now and just use the silver ones. I used a damp toothpick to pick up the beads (they were sooo tiny it was hard to just get one at a time) and just placed them on the nail, over sticky varnish, and gently pressed them down. The base is another one from my Topshop haul: a dark grey called ‘Granite’. This is three coats.

The overall effect is reminiscent of Sami at The Nailasaurus’s famous Michael Kors mani although I decided to place the beads in a diamond pattern rather than a square grid. However, I don’t like my final outcome nearly as much as hers: and in the end I only kept this on for a day. I didn’t mind the studs (actually I quite liked them) but something about the colour of this design really didn’t do it for me. Dark grey is fine but with this manicure it just looked like a washed out kind of black; plus my topcoat (Out the Door) had gone really thick and there were teeny little bubbles on some of my nails which just made them look dirty all the time. NO THANKS.

That said, I’ll definitely try studded nails again, but just not in silver and grey! I am more of a gold than a silver person and I think I just have to admit that. (I’m also keen to try a caviar look so keep an eye out for that…)


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