Candy Cane Lane

The sparkly gold stars weren’t Christmassy enough! So I went full on festive with these red, green and white beauties.candy cane manicure nail artI have loads of polishes in my ‘green and blue’ drawer but not that many true bright greens: this is basically the only grass green polish I have. It’s a goodie, though! Essie ‘Pretty Edgy’. This is three coats but two would probably have been OK. I love how bright it is. The candy canes are all done with my nail art pens, they took a while (I really wanted them to be perfect) but I am super-happy with the result! A girl on the Tube today asked me if they were stickers, that’s how you know you’ve done good nails.

Also: I think these might have been subliminally inspired by the New Girl Christmas episode which I was watching this week, the one where they go to Candy Cane Lane and shout at all the householders to turn on their Christmas lights. CANDY CANE LANE? I thought so.


(I love New Girl. Maybe I’ll do New Girl nails some time! I don’t really know what that would look like though. Maybe Nick doing his tortoise face.)

nick miller new girl turtle face gif


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