Clueless Mani #2: Tai-dye

I was given good evidence of Clueless’s presence in my generation’s psyche when I went out with my sister last night: she looked at my nails and said “Didn’t you used to have a tie-dye top with that exact print on it?” “NO!” said I, “it was Tai from Clueless!” But that’s how much the movie has wormed its way into her memory.

As the story suggests, this second Clueless manicure is based on the outfit Tai ends up in after Cher and Dionne make her over: a cute burgundy cord skirt and a blue tie-dye T-shirt.

taiheartI especially enjoy how she’s coordinated her hair with her outfit. Anyway, here it is on my nails!

taiheartnailsThe red is Nails Inc Savile Row (I love this colour and I got it free on Glamour magazine last year!), the blue is OPI Dating a Royal, and the white is from Barry M. I tried to make the white bleed a bit and have a proper tie-dye effect but it didn’t really work! Not enough acetone maybe. Tai Clueless heart nails nail art makeover

Also: I feel like I need to have more consistency in photographing my nails (sometimes I do it in daylight, sometimes in artificial light): I don’t have photoshop to adjust the colouring and I can never decide what looks best. I’ve got both here (above is daylight, this is with my desk lamp): which do you think is better? Which would you rather see more of? Let me know!

Anyway, while I was deciding which outfit to do for this manicure I trawled through loads of Clueless pics and I have SO MANY good ones lined up. I think I have to do a Dionne one next time, she wears some crazy stuff. Maybe I’ll even get my hairy nail powder out…


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