Marching band nails

These were conceived as a glitter gradient: I used Barry M White as a base and then dabbed over some loose white-blue snowy glitter I picked up in Covent Garden aaaaages ago. For the blue I used Barry M Aqua Glitter over a base of Topshop Green Room.


It looked nice and sparkly but my gradient was a bit bottom-heavy so to balance things up I used my nail art pens to create the little pink stars along the top edge… tipping the whole thing over the edge from frosty and festive into silly and kitsch. I don’t know if anybody watches Project Runway but this ended up reminding me of the episode in the latest series where the designers had to make a costume for the Radio City Rockettes (who do high kicks in spangly leotards) and most of them just ended up throwing glitter at the problem… (Elena I’m looking at you).elena costumeThe other thing I noticed doing this manicure is an inconsistency in the Barry M glitters. I have the red one and it’s just really tiny glitter particles that are almost opaque in one coat, certainly in two: the Aqua Glitter though is less thickly packed and has two sizes of glitter in it.

usastars2I like them both but prefer the consistency of the red. I like my glitter super-chunky or super-fine, not in the middle – especially as Aqua Glitter has a watery-coloured teal base that means you couldn’t really layer it over anything but a blue. GOSH Barry M just after I went on about how good you were in my last post, you let me down! (only a bit) (we’re still cool, OK?)


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