Clueless Mani #3: Dionne in neon

My flatmates and I hosted a New Year’s Eve party this year: it was great fun but I didn’t get to sleep until around 5am so as you can imagine, not much got done the following day. After we finished sorting the bottles for the recycling and wiping the mud off the floor (the party incorporated an excursion to watch the London fireworks on Parliament Hill) there seemed no more sensible option than to sit down and watch Clueless all together. Yes indeed. Of course I took the opportunity to complete my third Clueless manicure: this time it was Dee’s turn as I took inspiration from this smart stripy top, which she wears while she and Cher give Tai her makeover (already immortalised [!] in my previous nails, of course).


That’s Dee of course but here are the nails!dionnestripes

The pink base is Miss Sporty #380, the black is Rimmel Black Taxi and the yellow is Barry M Lemon Icecream over a base of white acrylic paint. I like the concept of these but the realisation is a bit messy: I don’t know if I can carry off the framed nail look. But they were nice and bold and I think they do look very nineties!

As we were watching the movie I saw SO MANY good inspirational outfits so there will be another mani along soon (hopefully a bit more polished [ba-doom] than this one), I think it’s going to be Amber’s turn in the spotlight. And before I go, one bit of Dionne trivia which I picked up from the DVD extras: Stacey Dash was 28 when Clueless was filmed, 10 years older than Alicia Silverstone! That is crazy times!!!!


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