More glitter!

I know I said that I was done with glitter for a little while but… I lied!!! I just can’t get enough!

purpleglitterstripesThe glitter on this one is brand new so that’s my excuse. I popped into Sally Beauty in Angel just to see if they had any offers running and they had this year’s China Glaze Christmas collection on sale for just £2.15 each (super bargain!). I very nobly resisted Pure Joy, which is a red and gold glitter, because I decided it was just too Christmassy to wear at any other time of year: but I picked up this one, Glitter All the Way, which is a bit more multicoloured.

purpleglitterstripes2As you can see it’s a mix of red, green, gold and purple glitters. The green is a little bit bigger than the others and the overall effect is party-tastic!

purpleglitterstripes3I layered it for this mani in a striped pattern with a base of China Glaze Flying Dragon (an amazing neon purple with tiny blue glitter, it dries with a rubbery finish typical of neon polishes but I’ve topped it with a shiny topcoat here) and then a  stripe of Rimmel Black Out. What do you think?


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