Coral flowers

Although I thought my stripy glitter nails were disco-chic, while I was wearing them I saw a few different friends who I’d not met up with for a while and two separate people told me off for having boring nail art! They like to follow my blog and they wanted something a bit more complicated… so this time I thought I’d go back to a guaranteed crowd-pleaser and do a variant on my vintage roses nails. As I said on that post, these are far and away my most-requested nails when I do manicures for my friends. I thought that this time I’d vary them with a different colourway and there’s no colour I love more than coral!

coralflowersI’m really pleased with how these turned out: I think they’re beautiful. I’d definitely do this kind of colour-family floral manicure again. If you fancy recreating this one: the pale peachy colour is Accessorize Apricot Crush, the darker coral is Urban Outfitters Cocktail, and the maroon is Essie Bordeaux (which the Nailasaurus just used in her half-moon mani the other day!). The base is a franken which I made using an old, gloopy bottle of Barry M Matt White and a little Nails Inc Diet Coke Caramel. (I used it before in my I Want My Hat Back manicure.) I like it as it’s a bit softer than a bright white. I think it’s just too sticky at this point to use again but I might buy a whole new bottle of white polish to recreate it with!


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