Speckles and stripes

I have been lusting after the Accessorize ‘Speckle’ nail varnishes (transluscent polishes with little matte glitters) for ages and on Friday this week I finally caved and bought one: Damselfly, which is a teal base with dark blue and gold glitter in it. bluegoldnailAs I said, the base is a pretty sheer teal so this is two layers of Damselfly over two of Rimmel Sky High (a sky blue, as the name suggests). I love the effect and I think I’m likely to be investing in some more Speckle polishes in future! I’m particularly lusting after Ladybird (red with black spots, like raspberry jam) and Butterfly (white with black spots, like the inside of a dragon fruit).

Rather than do a whole manicure in Damselfly, I put it on three of my nails and did the other two in matching horizontal stripes.

bluegoldFor the base of the stripy nails I used OPI Nicki Minaj Fly, the gold is Nails Inc Lanesborough Place, and the blue is acrylic paint. I really love the colours on this mani (they remind me of jewellery) and I like the mixture of stripes and spots as well. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Speckles and stripes

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