Barbie marble

barbleI’m a reasonably girly person (I always wear skirts and dresses and I like a lot of floral prints) but these nails take it to the next level! The base is OPI Nicki Minaj Pink Friday and the marble is a combination of China Glaze Pool Party and China Glaze Jitterbug. Pool Party is a true neon which means it is super-bright in real life but doesn’t photography all that well: this photo was the best I could get it.

As you can see I decided that the only way to finish off this super-girlie Barbie water marble was with some glitter so I added some Boots 17 Glitter Top Coat which is small iridescent glitter particles in a clear base.

Bonus: a couple of close-up photos of my more successful nails. I still haven’t mastered marbling yet, not all of my polishes will cooperate! These give a better idea of the colours as well.




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