Glitter and leopard print

I got a lovely new glitter polish from W7 in the post the other day (I ordered it from Amazon, it wasn’t just a surprise mystery postal treat) and decided that this manicure would be the perfect way to show it off. I haven’t done leopard print for AGES (the last manicure I used it in was back in June last year) and I thought this time I’d try it in a non-traditional colourway (or two, as it turned out).

leopardmixThe glitter is W7 Green Dazzle. It’s a lovely colour and I’m really happy with how it looks (lots of people have complimented me on it). This is 3 coats (which you need to get opacity) over a base of Maybelline Metal Me Teal (which is a dark metallic teal). The pink leopard print has a base of OPI Nicki Minaj Pink Friday; the spots are Boots No 7 Milan (which is an amazing pink-silver metallic) and the outlines are Nails Inc Savile Row. The turquoise is a base of Barry M Mint Green with spots of OPI Nicki Minaj Fly and the outlines in Maybelline Metal Me Teal again. I mattified them which I think makes an even nicer contrast with the glitter.

leopardmix2Here’s another pic under slightly warmer light (no daylight pictures, sorry!). It’s just a nice fun jazzy manicure and I was really pleased with it.


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