Holographic hibiscus

First off I am sorry for this ugly picture of what was actually a really pretty manicure! For some reason I was so busy all the days I had this on my hands that I didn’t manage to take a picture in natural light – so the colours are off, it’s a little bit blurry and there’s a rather obvious chip on my middle finger. Oops. hibiscus holographic gradient nail art manicureNevertheless I think you can see most of what I liked about this look. The navy blue holo on my ring and little fingers is A-England Tristram, I picked up two A-England polishes in their anniversary sale (look out for the other one appearing soon) and Tristram (which I’d read lots about online) is every bit as nice as I’d hoped. It’s a lovely navy colour with a strong holographic effect, as you can see in this picture! The gradient on my other fingers is Accessorize Apricot Crush and Urban Outfitters Cocktail (the terracotta).

I thought the two together looked a bit like denim jeans and a tie-dye T-shirt which is what made me want to add the flower – to top off the tropical effect – so I used a fine nail art brush to paint the hibiscus very carefully onto my index finger, using Tristram again.

hibiscus hand painted nail art flower manicureNot bad, right? (ignoring my horrible cuticles of course).

This was a very summery manicure for a cold winter’s week but I think sometimes that’s nice!


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