Ripper Street

My whole house has recently become OBSESSED with the BBC crime drama Ripper Street. Not only does it feature light-of-my-heart Matthew Macfadyen (who not only looks like a Moomin, but admits to and embraces that fact) but it’s a PROCEDURAL CRIME DRAMA SET IN VICTORIAN LONDON, i.e., THE ULTIMATE DREAM. It’s well written (and the dialogue feels authentically nineteenth-century), the plots are gripping enough that you really need to focus for the whole episode, it’s funny, it’s scary, basically it is THE BEST. Sadly the first series has just finished so it’s going to be a long wait until next year and the second (already confirmed… WOOP).

Anyway here are my Ripper Street nails!ripperstreetripperstreet2

As you can see I picked the five main/my five favourite characters and did their faces and little outfits. The left hand has Reid, Drake and Hobbs and the right hand has Hobbs’ little body, Jackson, and Susan.

I realised after I had painted these that I should have done faces on one hand and bodies on the other for better amusing puppet effects but there we go. These are the two I managed to make work:

ripperjackson  jackson

There’s Jackson (who I grew to love more and more over the course of the series, oh yes…)

ripperdrake  drake

… and here is lovely lonely Drake.

I did do the others as well through the magical art of cutting and pasting but some of them look a bit silly!

ripperhobbs  hobbs

This is lovely little Hobbs in his police uniform,

ripperreidwhole  reid

this is Reid, whose head is disproportionately massive due to being on my thumb,

rippersusan  susan

… aaaaand this is Susan in her sexy corset. What a good-looking bunch (slightly mangled by my representation of course).

I used waaaay too many polishes to list here but the pink for the faces is Essie A-Crewed Interest which I have used in all my other little face-cartoon manicures (Henry VIII, royals etc) and which I like so much I had to re-order it after leaving it in America this summer.


6 thoughts on “Ripper Street

  1. i cried last night, someone dear got killed. I won’t say a name. Too sad. I discovered the show after Copper went on Hiatus. I love Ripper Street. I do love heart Matthew Macfadyen. Yes it will be a long wait. Love the nails. Way cool.

  2. Just in case you haven’t heard — the largest online petition to save RIPPER STREET, which was cancelled by the BBC just over a month ago, is now at over 36,500 names from inside and outside the UK. Season two will be airing in the States in late February. You may sign here: visit change[dot]org…search RIPPER STREET and REVERSE THE BBC. We are tweeting our complaints to the BBC also — @BBCOne, @BBCAMERICA, @bbcpress — telling them to #SaveRipperStreet

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