Salt and pepper and a hot chilli gradient

AT LAST I am in possession of a black and white glitter! saltandpepperThank you L’Oreal for bringing it into my life (in the form of their Color Riche Confetti topcoat). I have been looking enviously at all the indie glitters for ages but they all seem to be based in America and ridiculously expensive to ship over here. This was less than £5 and I found it in Superdrug. Happy days.

saltandpepper3This is sort of one-and-a-half coats (I did one and then evened up across the nails). It was easy to apply, there’s plenty of glitter in the bottle and it comes out nice and evenly. All of which makes me glad that I didn’t buy China Glaze Whirled Away from the Cirque de Soleil collection which doesn’t look as pretty (it’s a bit too chunky for my liking) and has terrible reviews everywhere!


This is just hex glitter in black and white in three sizes – tiny, small and medium. They’re all pretty small. In this picture you can just about see that I have layered it over rather a subtle gradient (orange at the bottom, red on top): the orange is Nails Inc Atomic and the red is Barry M Blood Orange. I love the black and white over this bright gradient. I wore this manicure for a week!


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