Sci-fi speckles

I don’t know why this feels a bit sci-fi to me but IT JUST DOES, OK? Something about the black speckle polish looks like frogspawn. ALIEN FROGSPAWN. In a good way, of course.

tealspeckleThe speckle polish is W7 Salt n Pepper, one of two W7 polishes I bought off Amazon (the other is the teal glitter I used in this manicure) and I think it looks awesome!


I did this over a base of white (probably Barry M Matt White as that’s what I’ve got in my Helmer at the moment) just to make sure it wasn’t too see-through and then this is, I think, three coats on top. I could probably have left it at two but I love the layering effect you get when you build up several coats. It does look kind of weird and freaky but in a really good way, I think!

The teal gradient is just two of my favourite nail things (turquoise type colours, and gradients). This one is Topshop Pool Party sponged over Nails Inc Hyde Park Gate.tealspeckle3Looking at my last few manicures (and the ones I have coming up… and at my nails at the moment) I feel like I really need to try and branch out from teal but I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!


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