Texture and fishtail and buff, oh my!

I popped into Boots at the beginning of the month and bought just a couple of new polishes from my favourite budget brand, Barry M (OK 3 but they were 3 for 2). (Favourite non-budget brand is probably Nails Inc, in case you were wondering.)

Two of them were spring colours from the Gelly range: I got Lychee, a buff colour, and Papaya, which is kind of an apricot orange (probably shouldn’t use a different fruit to describe it, but there we have it, I’m a maverick like that).

The other was one of the textured polishes they’ve brought out recently and which look to my not-very-expert eye rather similar to the Nails Inc Concrete and Leather polishes (people who have bought these: is there any difference between the finishes on the two kinds of polish, concrete and leather? Or is it just the different colours?). I got a nice springy (wait for it) TEAL GREEN of course (‘Ridley Road’).

As if all these new polishes weren’t enough, I also decided to try out a new (to me) nail art technique: the fishtail manicure.

fishtail textureI like the finished effect, I think – especially the colour combination OF COURSE (I am too obsessed with orange and teal) although the individual details on the fishtail nail aren’t perfect. Observe:

fishtail texture 3This is a base of Lychee with Papaya and Urban Outfitters Cocktail used to make the fishtail pattern. I checked out a bunch of online tutorials for this look (I can’t remember which – I’m sorry – I did this a couple of weeks ago) and it is pretty straightforward – you just build up stripes in a kind of overlapping V shape up your nail. I was pretty happy with the look but it was a bit lopsided (I think I should have paid more attention to centering the stripes) and I think next time I might use a nail art brush (not just the inbuilt polish brush) to have smaller stripes for a jazzier look. But not bad for a first time.

As for the textured polish:

fishtail texture 2I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it (there was a girl in Boots looking at the display when I was buying these who was ADAMANT that she hated this finish) but actually it was pretty cool. I enjoyed watching it dry and acquire the texture, the colour went on nice and evenly and it felt interesting without being too lumpy or obtrusive. And it wore pretty well, as well, given that you can’t use a topcoat. Overall, a hit (and the other springy pastel colours Barry M have issued these in are verrrrry tempting. Good thing I have NO MONEY AT ALL at the moment).


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