Purple and yellow stripes

Making the effort to move away from the coral and teal I seem to be obsessed with lately, I tried to pick two of the lesser-used colours in my nail varnish collection: purple and yellow. This was the result.

purple yellow stripesI used the lightest yellow as a base and then just used a small nail art brush to paint on stripes of different thicknesses in different shades of purple and yellow. You can see all the different polishes I used on this shot of my little finger, which ended up having them all nice and evenly striped along it.

purple yellow stripes 2From left to right you can see: Nails Inc Belgrave Place, Avon Sunshine, Barry M Berry Icecream, Boots 17 Sherbert Lemon, and Urban Outfitters Crowded. I use the last one a lot but apart from that these are all lesser-used polishes and I think it’s a nice manicure! The only thing about picking nail varnish colours I don’t use so often is that I also don’t wear these colours very much, so they clashed with every outfit I wore them with… oh well.


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