Wizard of Oz

Another quick peek at a manicure I was sporting earlier this week. Sorry about the poor picture quality (and embarrassingly raggedy cuticles): I just snapped a quick shot before heading out one evening, because I knew the nails would start to chip soon… of course they did and this ended up being the best picture I had. Rest assured they looked a lot cooler in real life!

wizard of oz

The red is Barry M Red Glitter, which I am OBSESSED with, it’s so densely-packed and sparkly. Currently have it adorning all 10 of my tootsies. The white is Barry M Matt White and the blue is Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream: so a full Barry-cure in fact. I’ve seen nicer gingham-effects using two shades of blue (or whatever): a lighter one for the stripes and a darker one where they cross over… but I couldn’t find the right combo of blues in my Helmer. You might see more gingham in another colour one day soon though.

Oh, and my inspiration? Obviously Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz: blue gingham and ruby slippers! Lovely.

ruby slippers


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