Turquoise and studs

I’d seen a few turquoise stone manicures on the internet (including this one at Spektor’s Nails) and I love turquoise jewellery so I thought I would have a punt at doing one myself. Here’s how it turned out.

turquoise studs 1Not bad at all, right?? I mattified the turquoise nails to make them look more realistic and they look pretty much exactly like the turquoise bracelet I had in mind while I was painting them.turquoise studs 4

Here’s a close-up of the turquoise nail. The base coat is Topshop Pool Party and the brown is Nails Inc Curzon Street, and then I mattified it with my Rimmel matte topcoat.turquoise studs 5I got this look using the water spotted marbling technique. I think it was cutepolish who came up with this: you drop polish on the surface of a cup of warm water (like when you do normal water marbling) but then you spray it with body spray or something that has alcohol in it. This makes holes in the polish which you can pull apart further and spread out so you have lots of little bits on the surface of the water. Then you can dip your finger in like with water marbling and you get this perfect turquoise effect!

turquoise studs 2As you can see I did the ring finger as a studded accent nail. The base is Barry M Matt White and the studs are from a set which I bought from Born Pretty Store a little while ago. I applied them using a very thin nail dotting tool – you press them into tacky polish and then apply a topcoat over the top to keep them on.

turquoise studs 3The studs were inspired by another bracelet which I bought at the same time (both from Claire’s Accessories) which you can see in the picture above. I’m so chuffed though that the nail art came out just how I wanted it to!! I’d definitely do this look again. I’m just trying to think of what other stones and textures I could try to replicate on my nails.


3 thoughts on “Turquoise and studs

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  2. This post saved me from a polish disaster today! I wanted to do a turquoise stone manicure but realized that I didn’t have a hair spray at home for the water spotted marbling – all other blogs recommend hair spray … And then I found your post with the hint that I could use any spray that has alcohol in it … THANKS!! I used disinfectant spray 🙂

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