An American Candy Shop

My lovely parents recently went on a mini-break to New York City and guess what they brought back as a treat for their eldest daughter?

candy shop 4

candy shop 3Oh yes! A lovely, fancy American nail varnish!

Of course I was familiar with the Deborah Lippmann brand and I know they’re best-known for fancy glitter polishes so I was really really pleased with my Mum’s choice. She said that she ended up just getting a really crazy one because then she would know I didn’t have anything like it already (which is probably a reasonable concern at this point, given the size of my nail varnish collection). Anyway, as you can see she went for Candy Shop, a multi-coloured glitter in a pink base. The base is quite milky and see-through so I decided to layer it over Barry M Gelly Dragon Fruit as I’m not into translucency.

Here’s how it looked on the nails:

candy shop 1Pretty good, right? It was nice and bright and colourful but also (as my housemate pointed out) “very wearable” because from far away the general effect is just pink and glittery. I love how unusual it is.

Here’s a macro shot so you can see just how many kinds of glitter are packed in:candy shop 2I can see big silver, big yellow, big orange, big green, big blue, medium red, and then little glitter of all those colours as well. GLITTER PARTY!! Thanks Mum and Dad!


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