Dr Who??? No seriously who?

I did these nails for the Doctor Who series finale so they have been sitting on my computer for a few weeks but they re-emerge now perfectly timed for Matt Smith’s announcement of his retirement as the Doctor! I am pretty sad about it as I think he has been really, really great in the part (better than Tennant!) but onwards and upwards, I hope they pick somebody equally good to replace him! Apparently there are rumours about Rory Kinnear which would be amazing because I LOVE RORY KINNEAR and have done for more than ten years since my Mum and I first saw him prancing around in his master’s shoes in an awesome RSC production of The Taming of the Shrew. So, YOU GO RORY!

Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes, nail art. I’ve done Doctor Who nails before but this time I thought I would do a manicure I’ve been planning for ages (and have even done on one of my friends before now): galaxy nails, featuring the Tardis whizzing through space.

tardis galaxy 1Pretty nifty, right? I’m afraid I can’ t remember all the colours I used for this manicure, though – that’s the thing about galaxy nails – you need zillions! The base is Nails Inc Prince’s Street (a very dark navy, although it looks black in this picture) and then I used a variety of different polishes – white, yellow, lilac and teal – to sponge in the galaxies, with a little dash of holo glitter as well. I added spots in white (I think I used Essie Blanc) and then popped the Tardis onto my ring finger, using acrylic paint.

tardis galaxy 2Pretty fiddly because it’s so tiny but it came out OK I think and the effect from far away was even better. I did my right hand just plain galaxies because, well, there’s only one Tardis whizzing around the place!

So, what do you think – and more importantly, who do you fancy as Twelve?


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