Art Deco (like everybody else)

The nail art world, like the fashion world, seems to be taking a lot of inspiration from Baz Luhrmann’s new Gatsby movie. I haven’t seen the film yet but I have seen loads of art deco manicures all over Tumblr so that was probably the subconscious inspiration when I sat down to paint my nails and came up with this!art deco

I was really pleased with these nails: I think they’re pretty and striking but also work-appropriate (for those who have to go into an office rather than working at home like me!). They were also pretty straightfoward to execute. I painted my nails in the base colour (Nails Inc Fitzrovia, which I’m using a lot lately), then freehanded on the black triangles using acrylic paint and a small nail art brush. When those were dry (and acrylic dries quickly) I filled in the gold triangles on top, using Nails Inc Lanesborough Place, a nice opaque gold foil. And that’s about it!


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