Fuzzy jumpers with an eighties feel

I’d had my eye on the Nails Inc feather polishes since their press release early in the year but wasn’t sure enough I’d like them to decide to buy myself a bottle. Luckily for me, Barry M came out with their own version recently so I snapped up a bottle of their ‘confetti’ polish in Dolly Mixture.

feather check 2Here’s a close-up of the polish – a mixture of yellow, white, orange and light blue bar glitter. This is a lot of layers because I wanted it really opaque – the base is Essie Lapis of Luxury but I don’t know if you can see it at all under all the glitters. In fact, I think I applied way too much (it was a bit dark in my front room and I couldn’t tell if it was opaque enough) – the nail varnish got really thick and my whole thumb peeled off after only a day and a half. I think that was my fault more than the polish’s, though!

Overall I’d say I liked this polish. I think it looks more like feathers, fuzz or fluff than like confetti – sorry Barry M – but I like the colour combination and I think it gives an unusual, pretty finish. I’ve already ordered a second feather-type polish from a different brand so look out for that soon!

Here’s how I incorporated it into a manicure:

feather check 1The checked nails are in nice eighties pastels: a base of Boots 17 in Sherbert Lemon, with China Glaze Kinetic Candy (blue) and Barry M Gelly in Dragon Fruit (pink). I don’t know exactly what effect it gives – golf trousers and a fuzzy jumper, maybe? – but I like it!


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