One flamingo, two flamingo…

For some reason I’ve been seeing lots of flamingos on nails over the past couple of weeks: in silhouette on these nails from yukanakajima on Tumblr; over the whole nail, in this manicure by Emery & Ivory; and in a kind of wallpaper-print pattern on this summer nail wheel on Precious Polish. I liked all three looks but it was the last one that most caught my eye: so here are some flamingo-covered nails of my own.

flamingo 1Pretty cute, don’t you think? I painted these on a base of Nails Inc Hyde Park Gate (it’s such a fun, bright and unusual colour), using a fine nail art brush. The bright red-pink is Nails Inc OMP! and the paler pink is OPI Pink Friday. The black is a fine permanent marker.

These were a little bit fiddly but not horrendous and I think the payoff was good – everybody who saw them was super-impressed!

flamingo 2Look at those cute little flamingos!

The other thing to mention is that I was trying out a new nail shape on this manicure – long and oval as opposed to the more square-cut shape I usually go for. I have already cut them square again but looking at these pictures, I really like how these slightly longer, rounder nails look. I’ll definitely be going for this shape again.


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