Red, white and blue

I liked my Barry M feather effect polish so much that I’ve just bought another one – although this is from a different brand, InVogue, which I’d not heard of before. They also do a concrete effect polish (a la Nails Inc) which comes in black – I’m looking for a cheaper alternative to the Nails Inc leather effect and wondering if that might be it. I think they maybe come out lumpier though. Anyway, I liked the colour combination on their blue and white feather polish better than the Barry M alternative (which uses pale blue) and added it to a Superdrug purchase the other day. Here’s how I used it on my nails:

red white blue mixupThe index finger and little finger are (obviously) the Invogue polish – it’s called Jaye Bird – over Barry M Blood Orange Gelly. This is just one thin coat. The glitter is more thickly packed in this than in my Barry M – I think you could get a good opaque effect in perhaps three coats.

The stripes are Blood Orange and Blue Grape (love those Barry M Gellys) over Barry M Matt White. And the middle finger is Barry M Red Glitter in a gradient over Blue Grape. All very bright and patriotic, dontcha think?


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