Random zebras

I posted quite a while ago about one of the Accessorize Speckle polishes which I’d bought. That one was Damselfly (teal, blue and gold) but recently I picked up two more, one of which is on display in this slightly strange little manicure.

zebra 3This is Dragonfly, purple glitter in a bright green base. I used two coats over a base of Essie Pretty Edgy (another bright green) although I’m not sure the base coat was all that necessary – I think this polish is pretty opaque by itself. It’s certainly pretty, in any case – but I’m not sure what inspired me to team it with the accent nails I ended up opting for.

zebra 1Yes, that’s a little purple zebra! Maybe it was the success of the flamingo nails I did the other day but he just seemed somehow right. He was supposed to be white rather than light purple but for some reason my topcoat made the white acrylic I used for his outline go a bit seethrough, so light purple it is. (The purple is Nails Inc Belgrave Place.)

zebra 2And… of course I did a zebra bottom on my other hand! Look at that lovely little stripey butt. Ahem.

What do you think? A little bit too odd? Or quirky and delightful?


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