Sometimes you just gotta paint your nails the brightest colours you can find in your Helmer. That’s what I did in this manicure, a super-luminous neon gradient that I couldn’t stop showing off to everybody I saw.

neon gradient 1The purple is China Glaze Flying Dragon, the pink is China Glaze Pool Party, and the orange is Orly Melt Your Popsicle. I painted these over a base of Barry M Matt White (always best when you’re using neons, to get them as bright as possible), painting stripes in the three colours across the nail (to make sure the colour was nice and bold) before using a sponge to add the gradient effect. I topped it off with a coat of Topshop Panther, a glitter with medium-sized black and silver pieces in a clear base.

You can see a better shot of the three neon polishes – each of which has a slightly different finish – here.

neon gradient orange pink purple nail art glitter manicure fade

This gives a better idea of just how glowing-bright they were! You can also see that Flying Dragon isn’t just a neon but a glitter – it has little tiny flecks of blue in it, and it is a bit gritty and hard to remove as most glitters are. Pool Party is more of a ‘classic’ neon – it dries matte and is hard to photograph – and Melt Your Popsicle is just a very very bright polish, drying shiny and bright.

Checking the names on these made me realise I have two nail varnishes called Pool Party but they are very different – the other is the mid-turquoise Topshop polish I used in this manicure and I think the name makes a lot more sense for that one!


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