Glitzy houndstooth

I’d seen some great nail art online using the new Barry M Nail Art pens and eventually temptation got too much and I picked up two for myself, in black and white (they were on offer in Boots, it’s fine). After lusting after them for ages when I finally sat in front of my nail art kit and wondered what to do I found myself stuck for ideas… so in the end I opted for one of my favourite prints, which is much more difficult to realise neatly with a nail art brush.

glitzy houndstooth 1

Yep, houndstooth nails – which I included in my Movember manicure several months ago but haven’t been able to reproduce since (at least not to a standard I was happy with). The pens make it an absolute doddle though. The ‘ink’/paint flows easily and the nib is nice and narrow so I can imagine they’ll be super useful in carrying out all kinds of detailed designs. Look out for a lot more!

The other thing to mention is the base polish. This is one of the new NYC foils, ‘Full Metal Jacket’. You can get a better look at it in this close-up shot of my thumb.

glitzy houndstooth 2At only £1.79 it’s a total bargain – a lovely silver-toned gold with glittery particles and a very reflective finish, which was opaque in two coats. Super classy. I’d wear this polish on its own.


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