Punkyfish skulls

This week I was at a conference on Victorian Bodies and there was a lot of chat about grave-robbing, dissection and anatomy so that’s the inspiration behind these little numbers!

They’re fairly jolly as skulls go, and they actually ended up reminding me of the brand Punkyfish; which I strongly associate with being in my teens, when my younger sister used to love Punkyfish and own loads of their clothes. The brand does seem to still exist but the clothes look different now. They used to do skatery clothes, hoodies, jeans and t-shirts with loads of zips and skulls but all in really bright colours. Anyway that was all very waffly but that’s how I think these look!

skull and bones

This is actually a full Barry M manicure. The colours are all from the Gelly range – Dragonfruit (pink), Key Lime (green) and Guava (blue/teal) (I had to check that name, this colour has nothing to do with a guava!!). The green and blue were opaque in two coats, but the pink took three. That’s fine by me as I usually do three (thin) coats out of habit. I like them all but I think if I did this manicure again I’d just have the one teal nail – it’s a bolder colour than the others so this way looks a little unbalanced. I did my other hand that way (swapping the green and blue) and I think it looks better… but those skulls are more wonky so that’s why you’re seeing this one! I also think this manicure would look good with a matte topcoat… but I didn’t have mine handy so I stuck with shiny for now.

The skulls and bones are done with my Barry M nail art pens (you’ve been seeing a lot of those lately). I had a bit of trouble with the white getting stuck and then leaking out of the sides but I think I just hadn’t cleaned the nib properly and I did get it to work eventually. I do find the black less stressful though!

Anyway there we go, jolly punky skull nails for summer.


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