Disco in distress

Apologies to my many keen readers (you know who you are) for the long hiatus: I’ve had a busy summer, including a lovely holiday in France, a Victorian literature conference at which I hosted a nineteenth-century-themed-pub quiz, and a house move during which I couldn’t access my polishes for a week. Anyway I am back and I have something exciting to share! The lovely people at Born Pretty Store (which you will have seen me recommend before, it is my go-to place for cheap and tasty glitzy bits) have sent me some products to review. I also bought a whole bunch of stuff from them just before they got in touch so I will have lots of BPS products over the next few posts, some of which I paid for and some of which were freebies!

This first post combines both kinds of item in a super-shiny disco manicure.

black foil 2

That’s in indirect light; here’s a picture in sunlight for full, sparkly effect.

black foil 1

So shiny and good!

To get this look I used a new product which I came across when I was browsing BPS for nice nail treats: a multicoloured foil which transfers onto your nail while the polish is still sticky. It comes on a roll, like this.

foil 2You paint your nails and then one at a time do the second coat. While it is still tacky (your finger leaves a print in the polish), you get the foil and press the silver side down on the nail. When you pull it off it leaves lovely colourful foily bits behind. As you can see it’s not ideal for covering evenly in one pattern (I found that my nail varnish dried too unevenly, so it went on in pieces not as a smooth whole) but it looks great if you stick it and re-stick it a couple of times as you get this sort of eighties-looking distressed paintwork effect. Basically, I love it.

I paid for the foil ($2.99, or about £1.86) but the rhinestones, which I stuck on to unify the look a bit, were a freebie. They came in a nice little wheel of different colours, which looks like this and costs $3.33 (about £2.07).

rhinestonesAs you can see you get LOADS of gemstones for your money! I used the hot pink ones which you can see on the top centre left. They are actually more neon than the photos suggest but, like neon in general, they don’t translate well into photographs. In reality they are lovely and bright! As for application, they stuck on easily: I just did a clear coat and stuck them into that, then did another layer of topcoat on top to make sure they stayed. I didn’t have any problems with them falling off!

SO thanks very much to Born Pretty Store for this very good-looking manicure. If you want to buy the foil you can find it here; rhinestones are here; and to top it off, you can get 10% off them (or anything else) using my discount code, HDG10! What a total treat. Shipping is free worldwide so there’s no reason to resist…

335x280 Jessica Hindes banner.jpg





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