Holoh me oh my

Wassup peeps? Here I am with another review of a lovely complimentary product sent to me by Born Pretty Store. This time I’m reviewing one of BPS’ own-brand nail polishes, in holographic teal.

The polish comes in a small 6ml bottle (I’ve shown it next to a Barry M normal 10ml bottle for comparison).

holo polish 1At $5.59 (£3.49) it’s still good value, I think.

You can see the holo sparkling temptingly away in the bottle, but it’s when you put it onto the nails that this polish really (literally) shines!

teal holo 1Look at that beautiful holographic effect! So rainbowy and amazing!! Here’s a closeup for you to enjoy.

teal holo 3

I also took a photo in slightly less direct light. This polish is happiest in sunlight, then very bright artificial light; outside those conditions it can look like just a normal faintly sparkly blue.

teal holo 2

Despite this shift in different light conditions, I was very pleased with the colour and holographic effect of this polish. It does take a little while for this depth of colour to build up: whereas my other holographic polish (which is from A-England) is almost a one-coater, this was three coats. After the first one I was actually worried it would take four or more. It goes on very sheer indeed. (That might make it good for layering, but I haven’t tried that yet!) Still, three was plenty and I end up doing that with most polishes so it wasn’t a problem. Wear was also good, it wore for about four days which is normal for me. And I kept annoying my family by shoving my rainbow nails in their faces!

If you’d like your own slice of holographic goodness then you can find the polishes on the Born Pretty site here. This one is colour #8. And remember you can get 10% off using my discount code, HDG10!

335x280 Jessica Hindes banner.jpg





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