Stars and stripes

More Born Pretty Store goodies on show in this American-influenced manicure which I thought was particularly cute!

stars and stripes 1

I used four different polishes in this manicure. The purple nails are a base of Nails Inc St John’s Wood (a medium periwinkle kind of purple-blue), over which I sponged Urban Outfitters Crowded (pale lilac) to get this kind of stone-washed effect (which I really like!). The striped nails are Urban Outfitters Cocktail (red-coral stripes) painted with a nail art brush over Essie A Crewed Interest (peach), with outlines done in my white Barry M Nail Art Pen. I was going for a kind of denim effect (not for the first time) on the purple nails and if I didn’t quite get that, I definitely got the Americana vibe I wanted.

The star studs come from a set which I bought from Born Pretty Store (click for link). They come in a little wheel like this, which costs $3.99 (about £2.49).

studsAs you can see from this picture in profile, they aren’t too deep or sticky-outy (something I was worried about). I stuck them on with a little bit of nail glue (also from BPS) and they lasted really well (better than the nail varnish!).

stars and stripes 3As always, if you want to buy the studs then remember to use my discount code for 10% off! HDG10 will do it.

335x280 Jessica Hindes banner.jpg





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