Christmas reindeer

I’ve been a bit behind on the blogging front lately (say, three months behind?!) as I’ve been working hard on my PhD – but don’t worry, I’ve been diligently documenting my manicures all the same. I have a bunch lined up to show you but I thought I would start (out of sequence) with a couple of sets of Christmas nails, while it’s still at least close to the festive season.

snowy reindeer 1This is the first of two Christmas nail designs I’ll be uploading and was an attempt to get away from the inevitable reds and golds. Sorry about the chipped polish on my thumbnail!

The three white fingers are one of the Barry M Royal Glitter collection, of which I now own three (you can see the others in upcoming posts). This one is Lady and as soon as I saw it on the shelves back in October I knew it would be perfect for a snowy festive manicure. I layered it over a base of white (I think I used Essie Blanc) to make it opaque.

snowy reindeer 2This is less textured than the other two Royal Glitters I own (Countess and Duchess) but still pleasantly sparkly.

The green nails are done with a white Barry M nail art pen on a base of Essie Pretty Edgy. I liked them (especially this little reindeer) but I did worry after I had done them that they looked a little like the John Deere logo… still I am a Kenny Chesney fan so that is probably A-OK!

snowy reindeer 3I had this manicure on my nails when I was hosting a Christmas dinner for my schoolfriends on the 23rd and my friend Jenny liked these little deer so much that she wanted me to do some for her as well – which I did.

IMG_6522The gold glitter on Jenny’s nails is Tokidoki Savana, which I swatched in a post a long time ago! I like it because it has two colours of glitter (bronze and gold) and it is very, very sparkly.

So, that’s one set of Christmassy nails out of the way… look for the others coming up soon.


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