Red and gold snowflakes

This is the other Christmas manicure I’ll be uploading this year: very traditional colours, red and gold, and some stick-on snowflakes from Born Pretty Store (link on the right!) to boot.

red snowflakes 1This manicure took me ages, not because it’s complicated but because I just couldn’t get something I was happy with. I put on and removed about three other looks before I settled on this one – and I still wasn’t 100% convinced about it, although I did end up leaving it on for about a week because I was too busy to replace it!

red snowflakes 3In the shot above you can get a proper look at the red polish which I used as my base here: OPI The Spy Who Loved Me, from the James Bond collection they released in 2012. I like the subtle glass-fleck glitter in this polish – and I love red – but it is a little too sheer for my taste. I have definite VNL (visible nail line!) and I’m just not into that…

The gold is my old favourite, Nails Inc Lanesborough Place; and the little stick-on snowflakes come from a set of gold embellishments I was sent by Born Pretty Store for review.

red snowflakes 2

This wasn’t my first manicure with these but it is the first I’ve uploaded: so, what did I think? Well, honestly, I don’t love them. They’re very pretty (and come in a good range of designs) but I haven’t mastered the application onto my nails, or something. I stuck them on using nail glue (you have to move quickly) and they do stay, but I had problems because they’re essentially flat little bits of metal and so I found the edges really stuck out (even after two layers of topcoat). My nails were continually catching on things and the little legs of the snowflakes kept breaking off (you can see that it’s happened on my ring finger in the top picture). Has this happened to any of you guys? Any solutions?

Also one last bonus picture: my Mum’s, mine and my sister’s Christmas nails.

IMG_6538My Mum’s wearing Urban Outfitters Dust (the silver glitter), I’m wearing my Nails Inc Candy Shop, and my sister has Nails Inc Orchard Street with a gold star stud.



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