Silver spatters

Trying for something a bit classy, I produced this pale pink and silver manicure. I think I succeeded!
pink and silver 1The pink base on the spatter nails is Nails Inc Fitzrovia, the dark metallic grey is China Glaze Jitterbug and the lighter silver is Barry M Silver Foil. The pink glitter is another of the Barry M Royal Glitters I mentioned a couple of posts ago: this one is Duchess and as you can see from the close-up below, it’s a pale pink metallic with bigger silver glitter mixed in.

pink and silver 2I don’t know if the picture does it justice but it is very, very sparkly and nice.

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2 thoughts on “Silver spatters

    • Using a straw. You make a little puddle of nail varnish and dip the straw in it so there’s a little skin of polish stretched over the end of the straw (like the soap mixture in a bubble wand when you are blowing bubbles). Then you hold the straw above your nails and blow sharply into the other end. The varnish splatters across your nails. It’s a bit messy but it does look good when it’s done (see also: paint splatter, blood spatter, Jackson Pollock). There’s a tutorial here which includes pictures if that’s more helpful.

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