Embellished green and gold

This manicure uses two products from Born Pretty Store (there’s a link and a discount code in the right-hand column of this page): ‘gold leaf’ (really, very thin sheets of gold-coloured foil) and the rectangular studs you can see on my thumb, ring and pinkie fingers.

green and gold 1The gold leaf is something I occasionally find myself drawn to and it does look lovely when it’s on (I tend to apply it over a base of gold varnish in case of little holes). You just paint on your nail varnish, leave it until it’s tacky, and then smooth over the foil, pulling it off around the edges. The downside is that it doesn’t last very well – it doesn’t meld with the topcoat like normal polish, so that bits of the topcoat can peel off over the ensuing few days (exposing the foil, which then rubs off). Overall I’d say the look is good for a fancy schmancy night out but probably not ideal if you want to keep the same nails for several days.

The studs are from the set I discussed in this post – I really like the set as a whole, but I chose these in particular because they’re not too big (some of the others looked disproportionately huge on my small pinkie nail). They stuck on easily with a dab of nail glue and lasted very well. I took a quick pic from the side so you can see how deep they are:

green and gold 2As you can see, they’re not too obtrusive and unlike the metal stickers I got from Born Pretty Store a few days later, they don’t catch on clothing or anything else.

What else… oh yes. The dark forest green is Nails Inc Belgrave Mews. Can you even tell that it’s green or does it just look black? I think it does seem a bit softer but that might just be my mind playing tricks!




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