Matte metallics

This manicure uses one of the new nail varnishes I got for Christmas, Nails Inc Old Park Lane, which is the bronze metallic colour. The pale gold is NYC Full Metal Jacket (a really sparkly silver-toned gold which is an absolute bargain in Superdrug) and the base is Barry M Espresso, a matte black polish which I bought the other day.

matte metallic 1The look I was going for with this manicure was a kind of weathered metal effect: I wanted it to look like really old piping or something that had been beaten by the elements, dirtied up and worn away. I got the effect by painting a base of Espresso and then sponging on the metal colours over the top – I also sponged on a final layer of Espresso on the bits that looked a bit too shimmery once I’d done. Because I liked the contrast in textures, I didn’t use a topcoat so the metal bits are shiny and the black bits are matte.

I am not sure I totally achieved the effect I wanted but I do like how this manicure turned out: it looks quite classy and subtle but still interesting. I’m wondering now about whether I could get a weathered copper effect by using a turquoise (like the colour of the Statue of Liberty) instead of the black…


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