Cartoon sparkle party nails




These nails were just a combo of two of my favourite polishes and then some extra embellishments on top. The pale green is Nails Inc Hyde Park Corner which I’ve managed to use about half of already (very unusual when your collection of nail polishes is around the 150 mark) – it’s so unusual and it looks good with a whole bunch of different colours, too. The pink on the heart and star is Nails Inc OMP! and the black and white detailing is done with the Barry M nail art pens (as always).

cartoon sparkles 1BUT the star of this manicure is this amazing glitter polish. I bought it in Urban Outfitters on my October trip to the States and it is insanely glittery and awesome. I basically love it.

cartoon sparkles 2It’s called ‘Chilly’ and it features teeny blue glitter, medium magenta glitter and big holographic glitter. It gives good coverage (although this is on a base of dark blue, I think OPI Dating a Royal) and it sparkles like anything (but is of course very hard to capture on camera).

I wish Urban Outfitters UK did more polishes like these. The US store always has AMAZING glitters and really unusual polishes but so far I’ve not seen anything so exciting in the UK shops (although the new ‘beaded’ polishes they’re doing have caught my eye). Is it something to do with different rules about chemicals that means they can’t stock the same stuff in both countries? WHY OH WHY CAN’T I GET MY LOVELY UO POLISHES HERE?




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