Pastel glitter and silk

Two new polishes on show in this springy pastel manicure. The teal is one of the new Barry M Silk range. It’s really unusual – like a matte satin polish with a metallic sheen. I just bought this colour, Meadow (because teal is my favourite of course) but my Mum was lusting after these today so maybe she’ll be getting another one!

pastel silk and spotsI also went for the green silk because it goes so well with this glitter, another of the Claire’s polishes I picked up the other day. This one is called Shiver and it’s a mixture of medium white and teal glitters in a clear base with tiny iridescent glitter as well. (I think there was a pink version of this polish in the shop too which I might end up getting, who knows…) I layered this one over Nails Inc Fitzrovia which is a lovely pale pink.

pastel silk and spots 2

You can see that the teal glitters in this polish even have the same kind of finish as Meadow so they’re truly a perfect combination!



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