I went to see Matilda the musical on Friday so I did Matilda nails in celebration!

matildaThey’re based on this book cover (I got the image from Roald Dahl Fans online) matilda2but with the yellow background I remember from my copy when I was little. (As a bookish child I was obviously obsessed with Matilda who is not only a bookworm but completely BADASS.) The other nails are supposed to be stacks of books but I don’t know how clear that is!

I used way too many polishes in this manicure to name but the background is Boots 17 in Sherbert Lemon. Matilda’s face and hair are both acrylic paint and the books are a variety of different polishes.

As for the show itself… it was awesome! Tim Minchin’s songs are completely amazing and the kids who were playing Matilda and her class were wonderful. I would highly recommend a visit to anybody who can afford it (I had to wait to get tickets as a present). For a more affordable taster, you could also check out this YouTube video of the cast performing at the Olivier Awards 2012. Top stuff!


5 thoughts on “Matilda!

  1. WOW!! You have just blown my mind with these awesome nails! I’m going to see Matilda for the second time on thursday and I googled to look for nail art inspiration. I’m tempted to do letters to match the set but not sure how well it’ll turn out.

    Great job on your nails. I’m going to share your blog post on fb/twitter if that’s ok?

    • Aww thank you!! Of course you can share the nails – please do – if you stick on a link to the site that would be great šŸ™‚ I think letters would be very appropriate and probably look really good. I’m jealous you’ll get to see it twice, I absolutely loved it! Have fun (and let me know how your nails turn out)!!

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