Gold stars all round!

Easing myself gently into the Christmas spirit, here are some nice sparkly gold stars.

gold star

I painted the stars on with Nails Inc Lanesborough Place (a great one-coat gold foil which is also excellent for stamping) and then glitterified them (sure that’s a word) with Tokidoki Savana, which I swatched a little while ago. The base is Cult Nails Enigmatic: it layers up into a nice rich wine colour but I’m always surprised how sheer it is on the first coat. This is three which is fine as I’d usually do that many anyhow.

I took a couple of other photos in different lighting to try and show you ‘Enigmatic’ in its best light: it looks a little brown above but it’s more purple-toned with purple and red sparkles in it.

gold star 2This is a truer representation of the colour, I think: and I’ve got a real super-close up as well just to show you those nice glitzy bits!

gold star 3It’s a bit blurry but you can see the shimmer which is what I was after here!

This is my first festive manicure of the season but it definitely won’t be my last: stay tuned!


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